Bài kiểm tra học kỳ I môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 10

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  1. Grade 10 THE FIRST SEMESTER EXAM Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other. 1. A. help B. exam C. left D. website 2. A. height B. radio C. table D. brain 3. A. under B. study C. understand D. mature 4. A. blind B. life C. wind D. find 5. A. touch B. mouse C. ourselves D. hour Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D. 6. She watched TV after she ___all her homework. A. does B. had done C. have done D. did 7. We continued studying our lesson___it was very noisy. A. however B. because C. although D. even 8. John agreed ___his children go to the concert . A. let B. letting C. lets D. to let 9. He’s decided to go and teach disabled children ___a special school A. at B. on C. with D. for 10. He came in and didn’t say anything, ___worried all of us. A. which B. who C. that D. whom 11. ___poor need our help. A. Person B. A C. The D. People 12. I enjoy___to the radio while I am driving. A. hearing B. watching C. seeing D. listening 13. A new factory ___in our town recently. A. is built B. has been built C. was built D. will be built 14. I ___any parties since I came here . A. didn’t attend B. don’t attend C. haven’t attended D. am not attending 15. My brother ___to work by bus, but he has just bought a motorbike. A. didn't use to go B. uses to go C. has used to go D. used to go 16. ___the bad condition of the house, they enjoyed living there. A. In spite of B. Because of C. Because D. Although 17. There are a lot of back clouds in the sky. It ___rain. A. is going B. is going to C. is D. will 18. Would you mind ___me a hand with these bags. A. givingB. give C. to give D. to giving 19. Fax machine ___send or receive letter quickly. A. uses B. is used for C. used to D. is used to 20. The plane___off when they___at the airport yesterday. A. had taken/ arrived B. had taken/had arrived C. has taken/ arrive D. took/ had arrived Choose the correct option (A, B, C, or D) for each blank. Robot is the name given to any machine (21)___can do a certain job automatically. These machines come in any shapes and (22)___It is possible to build a robot in the shape of a person, but most look like machines built for specific purposes. They are controlled by (23)___The computers tell the robot what to do and how (24)___it. People write the programs for computers that control the robots. Robots can sense the enviroment around them and respond (25)___it. They can complete several steps in a process and can try other methods if one does not work. Ordinary machines can not do these things. 21.A. who B. where C. thatD. all are correct 22.A. parts B. sizesC. colors D. devices 23.A. robots B. machines C. programs D. computers 24.A. does B. to doC. doing D. do 25.A. with B. for C. by D. to Page 1 THE FIRST SEMESTER
  2. Grade 10 THE FIRST SEMESTER EXAM Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting. 26. I have learnt English since five years. A B C D 27. If she have a lot of money, she will buy a new car. A B C D 28. Minh didn't like Lan, because of she was impolite. A B C D 29. My shoes, that my mother bought for me, are too big A B C D 30. Dennis used to smoking a lot a year ago, but now he doesn’t any more. A B C D Read the passage below carefully, and then choose the best answer. Miss Richards was a teacher at a school in England. She taught chemistry and physics from the lowest to the highest classes in the school. Sometimes the new classes learnt quickly, but sometimes they were very slow, and then Miss Richards had to repeat things many times. One year, the first class had studied chemistry for several weeks when Miss Richards suddenly asked ‘What is water?’ There was a silence for a few seconds, and Miss Richards felt sad, but then one of the boys raised his hand. He was not one of the most intelligent students in the class, so she was glad that he could answer ‘Water is a liquid which has no color until you wash your hands in it.’ The boy replied. 31. What subjects did Miss Richards teach? A. English B. chemistry C. chemistry and physics D. physics 32. How did Miss Richards feel when the students couldn’t answer her question immediately? A. unhappy B. normal C. happy D. miserable 33. The boy who answered the question was ___ A. one of the most intelligent students in the class. B. not one of the best students in the class. C. not the tallest students in the class. D. one of the laziest students in the class. 34. The word ‘repeat’ in this passage means___ A. reuse B. explain C. study more D. say again 35. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Miss Richards? A. Her questions in the passage was in chemistry. B. She taught natural science subjects. C. She only taught the highest class. D. Her new class sometimes learnt very slowly. Rewrite the following sentences as directed. 36. Tom said: “ I am visiting my parents next week.”  Tom said that ___ 37. . Rice grows well here because the climate is warm and wet.  Because of ___ 38. Jane couldn't come to my birthday party. This made me feel sad. (use “which” as a connector)  ___ 39. . They have just produced a new style of jeans in the USA. (change into passive)  A new style ___ 40. This is the girl. I saw her at school yesterday. (join 2 sentences use a relative pronoun)  This ___ THE END Page 2 THE FIRST SEMESTER