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  1. LESSON PLAN Supervisor : Ho Thi My Hang Teacher : Nguyen Thi Tieu My Lesson : Unit 12: MUSIC- Part A: Reading Class : 10A7 Date : February 28th,2019 Time allotted : 45 minutes Period : 77 I. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: 1. General knowledge: By the end of the lessons, students will be able to: - Understand about the importance of music and the main idea of the text. - Know how to use the new words by speaking, asking and answering the questions: emotion, hell, delights, mournful, intergral, * Language: : New words related to music 2. Skills: Integrated skills, mainly reading, speaking and writing skill. 3. Attitude: Students take active part in activities and tasks in class 4. Orientation of competence development + General competence: self-taught, solving problems, thinking, independent, communicative and cooperative + Specific competence: read and do exercises on tasks with great fluency II. METHODS, TEACHING TECHNIQUES, TEACHING ORGANIZATION AND TEACHING AIDS. + Methods and teaching techniques: discussion, , report + Teaching organization: individuals, pairs, groups, class + Teaching aids: Textbook, handouts, chalks. III. PROCEDURE:
  2. Stage/ Timing Content Teacher’s Activities Student’s Activities 1. Stablization - Greeting - greets the class. - greet teacher. (3ms) - checks the attendance. - The monitor answers. 2.Warm-up Game: Guessing the - sticks 2 pictures of Son -Look at blackboard. (5ms) name of songs. Tung MTP and Justin Bieber on the blackboard. - asks :Who are they? -Expected answer: Son Tung MTP and Justin Bieber. +Do you like their songs? -Expected answer: Yes, I do. -has a mini game, it’s named “ Guessing Game” - Listen the rule. Rule: I’ll play 4 pieces of song of Son Tung and Justin Bieber and you’ll guess the name of that song. A person who answers correctly and quickly will receive a gift. + 4 pieces of song: Chay Ngay Di (Son Tung) Con Mua Ngang Qua (Son Tung) Baby (Justin Bieber) Sorry (Justin Bieber) + What kind of Son Pop, Ballad Tung’s music is? - asks students to list some Folk music ,Rock ‘n’ kinds of music. Roll, Pop music, Classical music, Jazz, - If I say, we can live without No, I don’t agree. music. Do you agree? ->Leads-in: “Today, we will learn a new lesson “Music” to understand more about how important it is to our life. 2. Before you Work in pairs. read: (7 mins) Discuss and match - Asks pupils to work in pairs - Work in pairs to match (UNDERSTAN each of the to discuss and match each of them. DING) description to a type the description to a type of 1b 2e 3d 4a 5c of music. music. - Goes around and gives helps - One says types of music,
  3. - Asks them to practise in one says descriptions. pairs . - Asks: + Is music important - Listen and answer for human life? Yes, it is + When is it played? Almost all important *Vocabulary: - Summaries and gives new events and on special 1.communicate(v): words. occasions. Ex: I study English - Guess the meaning and to communicate with write down. foreigners. 2.emotion/ɪˈməʊʃn/ (n): strong feeling: happy, angry, 3. integral /ˈɪntɪɡrəl/ (adj) = necessary Ex: Money plays an integral role in our life. 4.Funeral/ˈfjuːnərəl/ (n):đám tang At funeral, people are happy or so sad? 5.Mournful /ˈmɔːnfl/ (adj) = so sad : buồn thảm 6. solemn(adj): nghiêm trang 7. Lull /lʌl/ (v) : ru ( use body language) 8. delight(v)=make S.O happy - Helps them to read loudly. - Read loudly in the chorus and in individuals. 3. While reading Tasks 1:Using the -Asks pupils to find seven - Follow and find out words
  4. (20ms) table: words from the chart having from the passage. in the text and write on the - Write words on the board L C K U S G H board. (7 words in the box) and say A O S D E M I - Asks students to say again the meaning. E M O T I O N M M L B O U T the meaning of words. B U E A U R E - Asks them to work in pairs - Work in pairs to complete. A N M B S N G to complete the sentences and R I N Y D F R explain the meaning of the A C E T E U A S A L U L L L whole sentences. S T B J I A P - Goes around and helps. A E A A G T A C I N Z H E R U N D Z T C T E N G L S S H 1) communicate 2) lull - Gives feedback. 3) delights 4) integral part 5) solemn 6) emotion 7) mournful - asks: “ How many questions 5 questions. are there?” - Says: Now, read the text - Read the text silently and then answer some questions. write answers. - asks students to work in pair to ask and answer the -work in pair, one asks and questions. one answers. Task 2: Answer the questions. -has 6 pictures of singer (HIGH which has a number, you APPLICATION) choose a singer with a random number and answer -listen the rule and practice. that question. If you choose a lucky number, you’ll receive a gift and don’t need to answer. - Asks them to write answers on the board and practice asking and answering in pairs. 1) Language and - Gives feedback.
  5. music. 2) It can express ideas, thoughts and feeling. 3) It adds joyfulness to the atmosphere of a festival and make a funeral more solemn and mournful. 4) It makes people happy and excited. It delights the senses. 5) It is a billion- dollar industry. 4.After reading: Work in group. Ask (8 mins) and answer the - asks: + Is music important Yes, it is questions. for our life? + How important is it? - gives feedback. - asks them to work in group to answer the question: + In your group’s opinion, -work in group. which of the roles of music is the most important? Why? - Calls representatives of some groups to tell again. - Listens and gives - listen and take note. comments. 5.Consolidation -Homework. -asks Ss to state the main -listen and take note. and Homework points of the lesson. - learn all new words by (2 mins ) - Prepares part B- speaking. heart. - Prepare part B- speaking. IV. SELF EVALUATION
  6. Pleiku, February 25th, 2019 SUPERVISOR TRAINEE (Sign, write full name) (Sign, write full name) Hồ Thị Mỹ Hằng Nguyễn Thị Tiểu My