Đề thi tuyển sinh vào Lớp 10 THPT môn Tiếng Anh - Năm học 2020-2021 - Tỉnh Quảng Ngãi

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  1. SỜ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO KỲ THI TUYÊN SINH VÀO LỚP 10 THPT 20.He asked Nga if (A) did her brother (B) and her sister (C) went to the (D) same QUẢNG NGÃI NĂM HỌC 2020- 2021 club. (Đề thi có 03 trang) Ngày thí 18/7/2020 Section III. Complete each sentence with an appropriate form of the word in block Môn: TiếngAnh capital. (0.5 pt) Thời gian: 90 phút 21. Regular exercise is just as as eating the right type of food. (IMPORTANCE) không kể thời gian phát đề 22. Good were the key to success (PREPARE) PART A: PRONUNCIATION 23. One advantage of living in the country is that the air is (POLLUTE) Choose the word that has the underlined letter pronounced differently from the 24. The new equipment he bought last year works (EFFECT) others. (1.0) 25. It is neceasary the instructions carefully before doing the test. (READ) 1 A. knocked B. stopped C. washed D. decided PART C. REAFDING COMPREHENSION. 2. A. friends B. opinions C. notebooks D. computers SECTION 1. Read the following passage. Decide if the steatemeots below are True 3. A. tidal B. describe C. sight D. mineral (T) or False (F). 4. A. pollution B. question C. action D. tradition English is the most important language in the world today. A very large number of 5. A. character B. change C. chopstick D. charity people understand and use English in many countries ofthe world. Indeed, English is a PART B: STRUCTURE AND VOCABULARY very usefull language. If we speak English, we can go to any place or country we like. Section I. Choose the correct answer A. B, C, or D to complete these sentences. (1.0 We shall not find it hard to make people understand what we want to say. English also pt) helps us to learn all kinds of subjects. Hundreds of books we written in English every 6. Using public transport is an effective way to traffic jam and pollution. day in many countries to teach people many useful things. The English language has A. reduce B. gain C. continue D. increase therefore helped to spread ideas and knowledge to all the corners ofthe world. There is 7. We can save natural resources by using energy instead ofgas, oil and coal. no subject that cannot be taught in English. A. sunny B solar C. sunrise D. sunshine As English is used so much everywhere in the world, it has helped to make the 8. The students at home last week. countries in the world become friendlier with one another. The leaders of the world use A. stay B.stays C. stayed D. have stayed English to understand one another. The English language his therefore also helped to 9. Hue is famous its art treasures. spread better understanding and friendship among countries ofthe world. Lastly, a A. with B on C. in D. for person who knows English is respected by people. It is for all these reasons that I want 10. Nam was busy. , be couldn’t come co the party. to learn English. A. Therefore B. But C. However D. So 26. English isn't the most important language in the world today. 11 Her parents asked her at night too late. 27. A lot of people in many countries of the world understand and use English. A. not go out B. not to go out C. not going out D. not to going out 2$. Thousands of books are written in English every day in many countries to teach 12. We will use wind as an friendly energy source. people many useful things. A. environment B. environmental C. environmentally D. environmentalist 29. All subjects cannot be taught in English. 13. They each other since they were at university. 30. English has helped to make the countries in the world become friendlier with one A. know B. are knowing C.knew D. have known another. 14. they study hard, they won’t pass the exam. 31. English has therefore also helped to promote better understanding and friendship A. If B. Despite C. Unless D. Because among countries of the world. 15. Mr. John a lot when he was young. 32. A person who knows English is not respected by people. A. used to smoking B. used to smoke C. used to smoked D. used to smoking Section II. Fill in each gap with a suitable word provided iu the box. (1.6 pts) Section IL Choose the underlined word / phrase (A, B, C, or D) that needs who - particularly - tragic - many - and - peaceful - have - shops correcting. (0.5 pt) 16. (A) Do you fancy going (B) to (C) the cinema (D) at Sunday? Living in the country is something that people from the city often dream about. 17. (A) Teenagers nowadays (B) don’t want to depend (C) in their (D) parents. However, in reality, it has both advantages (33) disadvantages. There are certainly 18. Her (A) classmates came (B) to the English (C) club last night, (D) haven’t they? (34) advantages to living ỉn the country. First of all. you can enjoy 19. My neighbours enjoy (A) to take part (B) in outdoor (C) activities with (D) their (35) atmosphere. Moreover, people tend to be friendlier. A further advantage is that families. TQT EXTRA COURSE - GRADE TEST No.
  2. there is less (36) , so it is safer for young children. However, there are certain 53. The weather was bad, but they went swimming. drawbacks to life outside the city. Firstly, because there are fewer people, you are likely Although to (37) few friends. In addition, entertainment is difficult to find, (38) in the 54 They suggested planting more frees to reduce global wanning. evening. Furthermore, the fact that there are fewer (39) and services means that it is They suggested that hard to find work. In conclusion, it can be seen that the country is more suitable for 55. Though she disliked tea, she drank it to keep herself warm. some people than others. On the whole, il is often the best place for those who have In spite of her young children. In conưast, young people (40) have a career are better provided for Section II. Write a paragraph (about 100 words) to tell about the reasons why in the city. many people learn foreign languages. (1.0 pt) Section III. Read the passage and answer the following questions. (1.0 pt) Environmental pollution is a term that refers to all the ways by which man pollutes his THE END surroundings. Man dirties the air with gases and smoke, poisons the water with chemicals and other substances, and damages the soil with too many fertilizers ard pesticides. Man also pollutes his surroundings in various other ways. For people ruin ANSWER KEY natural beauty by scattering junk and litter on the land and in the water. Part A. Pronunciation They operate machines and motor vehicles that fill the air with disturbing noise. 1 - D; 2 - C; 3 - D; 4 - B; 5 -A; Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems facing mankind today. Air, Part B. Structure and Vocabulary water, and soil are necessary to the survival of all living things. Badly polluted air can 6 - A; 7 - B; 8 - C; 9 - D; 10 - A; cause illness, and even death. Polluted water kill fish and other marine life. Pollution of 11 - B; 12 - C; 13 - D; 14 - C; 15 - B; soil reduces the amount of land that is available for growing food. Environmental 16 - D; 17 - C; 18 - D; 19 - A: 20. A; pollution also brings ugliness to man’s naturally beautifu1 world. 21. important; 22 - preparations; 23 - unpolluted; 24 - effectively 25. to read Governments should pass laws that require people and factory owners to stop certain Part C. READING polluting activuies. Section 1. 26 F; 27. T; 28 F; 29 F; 30 T; 31. T ; 32 F 41. Docs man duly the air with gases and smoke? Section 2. 33. And; 34. many; 35. peaceful; 36. traffic 42. In what way do people poison the water? 37. have; 38. particularly; 39. shops; 40. who 43. What is mankind’s most serious problem today? Part D. WRITING 44. Why do fish and other marine life die? 41. Yes, he does. 4$. What should governments do about this problem? 42. They poison the water with chemicals and other substances. PART D: WRITING 43. Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems facing mankind today. Section L Rewrite the following sentences In such a way that they mean exactly the 44. They die because of polluted water. same as the sentences given. (2.0 pts) 45. Governments should pass laws that require people and factory owners to stop certain 46. We can’t buy that house because we don’t have enough money. polluting activities. If we 46. If we had enough money, we could buy that house. 47. The company has just bought some new machines 47. Some new machines have just been bought by the company. I 48. We wish we could go to the cinema with you. 48. What a pity! Wc can’t go to the cinema with you. 49. The man who is wearing the sunglasses is my father's friend. We wish 50. He asked me what my address was. 49. The man is my father's friend. He is wearing sun glasses. 51. This is the first time I have written to her. The man who 52. It takes my sister 2 hours to do the housework everyday. 50. He said to me, “What is your address?" 53. Although the weather was bad, they went swimming. He asked 54. More trees should be planted to reduce global warming. 5J. I have never written to her before. 55. In spite of dislike for tea, she drank it to keep herself warm. This is the first time 52. My sister spends two hours doing the housework every day. It takes TQT EXTRA COURSE - GRADE TEST No.
  3. It is true that learning a foreign language can help people understand about the English and Spanish while almost none learn Russian. Migration and job prospects are thinkings and their visions of about the world as well as give them many advantages in the reason that has established this trend, I believe. their life afterwards. Therefore, it is widely believed that the study of foreign language On the contrary, research indicates that cognitive development happens faster among should become a mandatory course at all elementary schools. For me, I agree with the children who learn a second language than those who do not. Furthermore, learning a statement as having a good command in a language will become a valuable asset for the second language is mandatory in an academic syllabus and this helps us understand children, benefiting their professional carrier for these reasons. Firstly, studying diverse cultural and traditional aspects. People who know more languages are capable language of another country like English, French and Spanish actually help us not only of reading more books, and understanding the lifestyle of different nationalities. Again, understand about their languages but also have a general knowledge about their learning a foreign language helps us make new friends. Thus it is evident that learning a traditions, political regimes, cultures, religions and ways of life. Moreover, it can give foreign language has many other benefits as well. us a thorough understanding about their outlook on life and world outlook, avoiding In conclusion, there is no denying the fact that people primarily learn a foreign many misconceptions leading to clashes of beliefs and dissimilar view points. Secondly, language to travel to or work in a developed country. But it is quite evident that there learning new foreign languages would be an exciting activity for the pupils since the are far many advantages of learning a foreign language than to work or migrate to a process of learning will not focus only on the grammar structure and the vocabulary country. which is very hard for them to conceive. In fact, some audio-visual tools that are specially made for the children to study like cartoons, video films, musical videos commonly show about the foreign country’s cultures, traditions, historical places and Some people claim that the reason for learning a foreign language is only to travel or their religious practices. Therefore, pupils will not only purely learn about the language, work. However, others believe that these are not the only reasons why people learn a but also have a common understanding about the daily activities of the local people and foreign language. some of the cultural places, festivals, ritual performances in that country. This fresh It is true that many people learn a language for travel and work purpose. In current knowledge can bring about excitement and joyfulness for the kids at their immature society, it is important that worker should have second language ability. If people do not period of life. Thirdly, nowadays, more and more people are joining international trade have this ability, they may be hard to find a job and will become jobless. Learn to travel activities, international cooperations and investments and cultural exchanges in this era is also a popular reason, tourists may have better experience if they can speak local of globalisation. As a result, it is important for people to able to speak another language language. They can make friend with local people easier compare to people who cannot besides their mother's tongue, especially English, French and Spanish. So, learning one speak local language. of these international languages should be a compulsory course in all primary schools, However, there are still a lot of reason why people learn foreign language. Learn for being a solid preparation for the future generation. In conclusion, studying foreign entertainment is one reason, some people learn foreign language because they want to languages become an essential thing these days as it brings many benefits for the watch foreign movie. For example, one of my friend really love Japanese movies, she people. One of the advantages is that we could learn another country’s tradition and learn Japanese because she want to watch the latest movie and do not want to wait for civilisation. I personally agree with the statement and I strongly recommend students to subtitle translation. Secondly, learn foreign language is good to understand one learn new languages from the earliest level of academic years. country's culture. Since translate may differ the original meaning , or is hard to explain by using other language. Learning a foreign language has many advantages including gathering knowledge of In conclusion, there is no doubt that some people learn foreign language for travel and diverse cultures, better job prospects, faster cognitive development, effective work purpose. However, as other reasons I have mentioned, different people have communication skills and so on. While some people believe that only reason we should different reasons for learning new language. To travel and to work in a foreign is not the learn a foreign language is to visit or work in a foreign country, many others opine that only reason. the benefits of learning a different language are not limited to the job and travel prospects only. This essay delves with both points of views. On one hand, it is quite natural that people want to learn a foreign language only to be able to communicate with people who speak this language. Thus a large number of people learn foreign languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Arabic either to visit/migrate or find jobs in countries where people use these languages. From this regards, it seems quite logical that visiting a country or working there is the main reason people learn a second language. In my country, most of the people learn TQT EXTRA COURSE - GRADE TEST No.