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  1. BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 12 THÍ ĐIỂM 13. is a type of book or film showing space travel of life on other planets, based on UNIT 7. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE imagined scientific discoveries of the future. I. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word whose underlined part differs A. Epic B. Fiction C. Non-fiction D. Science fiction from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions. 14. Unluckily, David's dangerous and incredible journey in search of the Blue Fairy is 1. A. application B. combustion C. navigation D. recognition in 2. A. computer B. communication C. command D. complicated A. advance B. danger C. end D. vain 3. A. advanced B. automated C. constructed D. reunited 15. Most scientists believe that the day when robots become part of our lives will 4. A. arrangement B. application C. activate D. passionate come 5. A. potential B. production C. promotion D. psychology A. from time to time B. more or less C. sooner or later D. later than never II. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word that differs from the other 16. Do you know who the fact that sound travels in waves? three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions. A. developed B. discovered C. found D. invented 1. A. machine B. robot C. human D. fiction 17. I'm thinking of getting a fax 2. A. applicable B. automation C. artificial D. evolution A. engine B. instrument C. machine D. motor 3. A. algorithm B. exterminate C. intelligence D. technology 18. The of the outbreak of the disease is still unknown. 4. A. capable B. robotic C. industry D. futurist A. aim B. cause C. motive D. reason 5. A. assembly B. interfere C. reunite D. resurrect 19. GPS systems help a lot of people on land, on the sea, and in the air. II. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the A. inform B. interfere C. navigate D. reunite following questions. 20. After the power failure last night, the washing machine started to , so I had to 1. High intelligent machines can be automated to operate without human wash the clothes by hands. A. intervene B. intervening C. intervention D. interventionist A. make noise B. malfunction C. operate D. work 2. The old astronomer patiently made his and wrote down what he saw. 21. FM is a method of signals, especially in radio broadcasting. A. observation B. observatory C. observe D. observer A. transacting B. transferring C. transmitting D. translating 3. One of the popular used in smartphones at present is voice recognition. 22. UFO is an acronym for Flying Object. A. applicant B. applicable C. applications D. apply A. Unidentified B. Unimaginative C. Unknown D. Unique 4. If there are aliens out there, do you think they are much more advanced than we 23. The biggest fear is that humans might control of robots. are? A. gain B. keep C. lose D. take A. technological B. technologically C. technology D. technologies 24. Researchers have to the conclusion that your personality is affected by your 5. have announced that a major breakthrough has been made. genes. A. Research B. Researchers C. Researches D. Researching A. arrived B. come C. got D. reached 6. I wish you would the TV and go outside and get some exercise. 25. The telescope will photograph distant galaxies, an attempt to understand their A. call off B. give off C. put off D. turn off past. 7. Scientists are trying to out the ways to reduce pollution from aircrafts. A. in B. for C. on D. with A. break B. call C. turn D. work 26. It is likely that artificial intelligence might decide to an end to humanitysimply 8. I'll you to our research department. Please hold on. because it surpasses human intelligence. A. put - away B. put - out C. put - through D. put - up A. come B. make C. put D. take 9. No wonder the vacuum cleaner isn't working. You haven't it 27. A.I. robots are of having human emotions. A. brought - in B. given - in C. plugged - in D. pulled - in A. able B. capable C. efficient D. fond 10. Whoever up with the new idea should have won the Nobel Prize. 28. I don't think people should be allowed to experiments on animals. A. came B. caught C. kept D. put A. create B. make C. perform D. produce 11. Ten million text messages are sent on every minute. 29. Many materials have been used for teeth, including wood. A. account B. average C. common D. general A. artificial B. false C. hand-made D. natural 12. Astronomers have a new planet outside our galaxy. 30. Once they've finished the extension to the , there'll be room for them to take on a A. invented B. unearthed C. developed D. discovered lot more workers. Thẩm Tâm Vy, January 7th, 2019 EXTRA COURSE 12 BT ANH 12 THÍ ĐIỂM – UNIT 7 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  2. A. factory B. industry C. manufacturing D. trade A. are having B. get C. have D. have got IV. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to 5. The dishwasher isn't working again, so my mother is thinking of having the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions. A. it repaired B. it repairing C. repaired it D. repairing it 1. Internet search engines can help to predict the weather as well as traffic jams in a 6. We while we were on holiday. city. A. had our alarm system stolen B. had stolen our alarm system A. announce B. expect C. forecast D. reveal C. got stolen our alarm system D. were stolen our alarm system 2. Ray Kurzweil suggests that exponential technological development will lead to the 7. The A.I. expert wanted to have his assistant the newly-made robot. inevitable rise of artificial intelligence. A. activate B. activated C. activating D. to activate A. inapplicable B. unavoidable C. unrecognizable D. invisible 8. Kelly wanted a live band at her wedding. 3. Advanced technologies may make humanity insignificant both in life and work. A. been playing B. to play C. played D. to be played A. Future B. Radical C. Sophisticated D. Unconventional 9. I spoke to Victor last night and he said he while he was on holiday. 4. All techniques help medical doctors to discover subtle interactions between A. got stolen his phone B. had his phone stolen medications that put patients in jeopardy because of their serious side effect. C. had stolen his phone D. was got his phone stolen A. at risk B. in reality C. under control D. under pressure 10. Why don't you when you install this new electric gadget? 5. A.I. algorithms can also help to detect faces and other features in photo sent to social A. get Alleon help B. have Allen help networking sites and automatically organize them. C. have Allen helped D. have got Allen help A. categorize B. connect C. recognize D. remind 11. As soon as Dad , we can leave. V. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to A. got the car to start B. has got the car started the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions. C. got started the car D. was got starting the car 1. The critical issue is whether genuine artificial intelligence can ever be truly realized. 12. My teeth were little yellow, so I by the dentist. A. authentic B. fake C. unpretentious D. true A. had cleaned them B. had them cleaned 2. Smart robots have replaced humans in stressful and hazardous jobs and in assembly C. have them cleaned D. was cleaned them lines. 13. Can we this summer? A. dangerous B. risky C. safe D. perilous A. get installed air-conditioning B. get air-conditioning to install 3. Professor Stephen Hawking thinks the primitive forms of A.I. which have been C. have air-conditioning installed D. have installed air-conditioning developed so far have already proved very useful. 14. The car manufacturer two automatic systems this morning. A. basic B. modern C. original D. recent A. has had a robotics company install B. had a robotic company installed 4. Kurzweil believes that there could be tiny robots called nanobots implanted into our C. had a robotic company install D. got a robotic company installed brains to improve our memory. 15. The computer corporation malfunctioning products. A. inserted in B. fixed in C. removed from D. replaced with A. had their workers eliminate B. had their workers to eliminate 5. Do you really think humans will be exterminated when more and more intelligent C. had their workers eliminating D. had their workers eliminated machines are invented in the future? 16. The robot manufacturer their outdated robots for the next generation robots. A. killed B. restored C. resurrected D. wiped out A. asked his customers exchange B. got his customers exchanged VI. Mark the letter A, B, C, D to indicate the correct answer to each of the C. had his customers exchanged D. had his customers exchange following questions. 17. Samsung by those who have bought them for technical faults. 1. Drivers or pilots the best routes to the destination quickly and effectively. A. has all Galaxy Note 7 returned B. has all Galaxy Note 7 to returned A. have the GPS found B. use the GPS to find C. made all Galaxy Note 7 return D. make all Galaxy Note 7 returned C. get the GPS find D. get the GPS found 18. Experts believe that in the near future humans 2. My sister her laptop serviced last weekend. A. have robots do the housework B. have had the housework done by robots A. did B. got C. made D. took C. will do the housework by robots D. will have robots do the housework 3. You should a professional to check your house for earthquake damage. 19. Nowadays, for the sake of human life, the military which contain explosives. A. have B. get C. make D. take A. have A.I. robots explore dangerous environments 4. We a cable TV put in this week. B. get AI. robot explore dangerous environments Thẩm Tâm Vy, January 7th, 2019 EXTRA COURSE 12 BT ANH 12 THÍ ĐIỂM – UNIT 7 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  3. C. have A.I. robots explored dangerous environments 5. (A) No longer do (B) housewives have to clean the house every day because they D. get A.I. robots explores dangerous environments (C) get it done (D) for robotic vacuum cleaners. 20. Thanks to the A.I. applications, Internet users into a new language in real time. 6. Before the cotton gin (A) had been invented in 1794, American farmers (B) had A. can translate webpages B. can have webpages translate cheap (C) slaves remove seeds (D) from the cotton fiber. C. can have webpages translated D. can get webpages to translate 7. Before the invention of e-mail and the Internet in 1972, (A) it took people (B) at 21. It's hard to believe that this film completely by computer. least one day to (C) cause hand-written letters sent to the (D) recipients' homes. A. has been generated B. has generated 8. (A) In communication, we can have (B) the voice recognition systems in C. was been generating D. was to generate smartphones or other electronic devices (C) to be (D) identified our speech. 22. My sister her ear pierced last weekend. 9. The owners of (A) modern manufacturing plants had workers (B) doing heavy and A. did B. got C. made D. took (C) repetitive tasks (D) replacing by robots. 23. Recently, a new vaccine against measles 10. In this throw-away society, (A) instead of having an old (B) electronics device (C) A. has been developed B. had been developed fixed, people (D) tend to toss it away and buy a new one. C. had developed D. was developing VIII. Mark the letter A, B,C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the 24. You'd better get someone your house. following exchanges. A. redecorate B. redecorated C. to be redecorated D. to redecorate 1. ~ A: "Hello, is that Liz speaking?" ~ B: " " 25. The patient his blood tested to find out the cause of his breakdown. A. Yes, who's that? I can hardly hear you. B. Hello, how are you? A. asked B. had C. ordered D. took C. Hi, there. I'm Juliet. D. You can leave a message, please. 26. We that my father's new car by Friday. He has promised to give his old one to 2. ~ A: "Hello, could I speak to Chris, please?" ~ B: " " me and I want to drive to Huế in it at the weekend. A. Sorry, he's not in. B. Yes, you could. C. Sure. Go ahaed. D. Certainly, I am. A. expect - will have been delivered B. are expected - will be delivering 3. ~ A: "Shall I ring you later?" ~ B: " " C. have been expecting - is delivering D. are expecting - will have delivered A. No, you won't. B. Yes, but I may be out. 27. I wish my father had bought me a new mobile phone instead of having it like C. Sorry, I'm busy now. D. I couldn't agree more. that. 4. ~ A: "Do you know how this machine works?" ~ B: " " A. to repair B. repaired C. repairing D. being repaired A. It's very expensive. B. Will you call the mechanic tomorrow? 28. We are going to next June, or else they will be expired. C. Plug it in and push the green button. D. I think it's quite heavy. A. get our passports renewed B. get to renew our passports 5. ~ A: " " ~ B: "Oh, the bulb went out when I switched it on." C. have had our passports renewed D. have our passports to renew A. Are there anything wrong? B. What matters to the lamp? 29. Mr. Brown has to his car serviced twice a year at the garage near his house. C. Does the machine work properly? D. What's wrong with the lamp? A. have B. let C. rent D. give 6. ~ A: "Do you mind if I make a phone call? ~ B: " " 30. The teacher had the students an essay on the positive and negative effects that A. Yes, certainly. The phone's in the hall. B. Of course not. The phone's in the hall. modern technology has on children. C. I don't think so. It's so annoying. D. Why not? I'm using my mobile phone. A. to write B. to be written C. write D. writing 7. A: Would you take this calculator along to the office for me? ~ B: " " VII. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the underlined part that needs A. Never mind. B. Yes, with pleasure. C. Yes, that's right. D. Not at all. correction in each of the following questions. 8. ~ A: "How often do you check mail?" ~ B: " " 1. Thanks to the first lawn mower which (A) was invented in 1830, we don’t have (B) A. Almost every day. B. It's not normal. to pay for someone (C) to have our grass (D) to be cut any more. C. It's quite far from here. D. No, I really don't 2. According to the futurist Ray Kurzweil, humans (A) could have tiny (B) 9. ~ A: "I have bought you a new toy car. Happy birthday to you!" ~ B: " " computerized machines or nanobots (C) invent (D) thanks to future medical advances. A. Have a nice day! B. The same to you! 3. In (A) his Aston Martin DB5 car, James Bond can (B) have the photos being C. What a lovely toy! Thanks. D. What a pity! printed out (C) along with the information (D) about the people in them from a panel 10. ~ A: "Guess what? I've been awarded a scholarship to study about information in a dashboard. technology in the U.S. 4. There's a network (A) in computing (B) called 'beta testing', which means you test ~ B: "Uh, really? something (C) seeing if it works properly (D) before it comes official. A. Take care of yourself! B. Congratulations! Thẩm Tâm Vy, January 7th, 2019 EXTRA COURSE 12 BT ANH 12 THÍ ĐIỂM – UNIT 7 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  4. C. You are always lucky! D. Lucky as you are! immediate than its loss, but was still sudden enough to ensure that some students came 11. ~ A : " " ~ B: "Yes. I'd like to buy a computer." down with a bump. A. Do you look for something? B. "Good morning. Can I help you? After two hours of going up and down in the plane doing experiments, the C. Excuse me. Do you want to buy it? D. Can you help me buy something? predominant feeling was one of exhilaration rather than nausea. Most of the students 12. ~ A: "Can you help me carry this vacuum cleaner upstairs?" ~ B: " " thought it was an unforgettable experience and one they would be keen to repeat. A. I think that, too. B. Yes, 1'm afraid not. 1. What does the writer say about the plane? C. Not completely. D. Why not? A. It had no seats. B. It had no windows. 13. ~ A: "I believe that modern robots will be more intelligent and replace humans in C. The inside was painted white. D. The outside was misleading many dangerous jobs." 2. What does the word "eerily" in paragraph 2 mean? ~ B: " " A. badly B. brightly C. clearly D. strangely A. That's just what I think of course. B. That sounds interesting. 3. What did the pilot do with the plane? C. That's a good idea. D. Why not? Believe me! A. He climbed and made the plane turn over. 14. ~ A: "Watching television is a waste of time." ~ B: " " B. He climbed and made the plane fall slowly. A. I enjoy watching cartoons. B. I don't think so either. C. He quickly climbed and stopped the engines. C. I think so, too. D. News is not my favorite program. D. He took off normally and then cut the engines for 20 seconds. 15. ~ A: "Do you like using a PC or laptop?" ~ B: " " 4. What does the word it in the last paragraph refer to? A. Yes, I'd love to. B. I couldn't agree more. A. the exhilaration B. the opportunity C. the plane D. the trip C. No, I have no choice. D. I prefer something portable. 5. Why was this passage written? IX. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the A. To encourage young people to to take up science. correct answer to each of the questions. B. To describe the outcome of scientific competition. SCIENCE FLYING IN THE FACE OF GRAVITY C. To report on a new scientific technique. It looked just like another aircraft from the outside. The pilot told his youmg D. To show scientists what young people can do. passengers that it was built in 1964, a Boeing KC-135 refuelling tanker, based on the X. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the 707. But appearances were deceptive, and the 13 students from Europe and the USA correct answer to each of the questions. who boarded the aircraft were in for the flight of their lives. The word "robot" first appeared in a 1921 stage play by Czech writer Karel Capek. In Inside, the area that normally had seats had become a long white tunnel. Heavily the play, a man makes a machine that can think, which he calls a robot and which ends padded from floor to ceiling; it looked a bit like a lunatic asylum. There were almost no up killing its owner. In the 1940s, the American science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, windows, but lights along the padded walls eerily illuminated it. Most of the seats had wrote a series of stories about robots and invented the term 'robotics', the science of been taken out apart from a few at the back, where the young scientists quickly took robots. Meanwhile, in the real world, the first robots were developed by an engineer, their places with a look of apprehension. Joseph F. Engelberger, and an inventor, George C. Devol. Together they started For 12 months, science student from across the continents had competed to win a place Unimation, a manufacturing company that produced the first real robot in 1961, called on the flight at the invitation of the European Space Agency. The challenge had been to the Unimate. Robots of this type were installed at a General Motors automobile plant suggest imaginative experiments to be conducted in weightless conditions. For the next and proved to be a success. They worked reliably and saved money for General two hours, the Boeing's flight resembled that of an enormous bird which had lost its Motors, so other companies were soon acquiring robots as well. reason, shooting upwards towards the heavens before hurtling towards Earth. The These industrial robots were nothing like the terrifying creatures that can often be seen intention was to achieve weightlessness for a few seconds. in science fiction films. In fact, these robots looked and behaved nothing like humans. The aircraft took off smoothly enough, but any feelings that I and the young scientists They were simply pieces of computer-controlled machines, with metal "arms" or had that we were on anything like a scheduled passenger service were quickly dismissed "hands". Since they were made of metal, they could perform certain jobs that were when the pilot put the plane into a 45-degree climb which lasted around 20 seconds. difficult or dangerous for humans, particularly jobs that involve high heat. And since Then the engine cut out and we became weightless. Everything became confused, and robots were tireless and never got hungry, sleepy, or distracted, they were useful for left or right, up or down no longer had any meaning. After 10 seconds of free-fall tasks that would be tiring or boring for humans. Industrial robots have been improved descent, the pilot pulled the aircraft out of its nosedive. The return of gravity was less over the years, and today they are used in many factories around the world. Though the Thẩm Tâm Vy, January 7th, 2019 EXTRA COURSE 12 BT ANH 12 THÍ ĐIỂM – UNIT 7 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  5. use of robots has meant the loss of some jobs, at the same time other jobs have been MODERN SCIENCE created in the design, development, and production of the robots. It seems entirely (1) to us that there are teams of scientists in universities and (2) Outside of industry, robots have also been developed and put into use by governments institutions around the world, attempting to (3) the way the world works. and scientists in situations where humans might be in danger. For example, they can be However, it hasn't always been that (4) Although the scientific method is now four or sent in to investigate an unexploded bomb or an accident at a nuclear power plant. five hundred years old, the ancient Greeks, for example, believed that they could work Researchers also use robots to collect samples of hot rocks or gases in active volcanoes. out the (5) of natural events just by the power of thought. In space exploration, robots have performed many key tasks where humans could not be During the 17th century, more and more people began to realize that they could present, such as on the surface of Mars. In 2004, two robotic Rovers, small six-wheeled (6) their scientific ideas by designing a relevant (7) and seeing what happened. A computerized cars, were sent to Mars. lot of (8) was made in this way by individual scientists. These men and women often 1. When did the word robot appear? worked alone, carrying out (9) into many different areas of science, and they often A. before the 1920s B. in the early 1920s received very little (10) for their hard work. (11) the start of the 20th century, C. in the mid-1920s D. in the late 1920s though, it became (12) that science was becoming more complicated amd more 2. Which of these statements is TRUE about Karel Capek? expensive. This individual scientist disappeared, to be replaced by flighty qualified A. He was famous American playwright. teams of experts. Modern science was bom. B. He was the first to create the word "robot”. 1. A. natural B. physical C. unreal D. typical C. He invented a machine that can think like humans. 2. A. another B. every C.other D. whole D. He made a robot kill a person. 3. A. construct B. create C. discover D. invent 3. What does the word they in paragraph 2 refer to? 4. A. method B. route C. technique D. way A. terrifying creatures B. humans C. science fiction films D. industrial robots 5. A. aims B. causes C. purposes D. reasons 4. What are industrial robots like? 6. A. calculate B. collect C. measure D. test A. They are computer-controlled machines. B. They are built with metal arms and legs. 7. A. analysis B. attempt C. experiment D. event C. They behave like humans. D. They can think like humans. 8. A. development B. evolution C. movement D. progress 5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a characteristic of robots? 9. A. discovery B. education C. experiment D. research A. They never need food to survive. B. They can survive without any sleep. 10. A. present B. gift C. prize D. reward C. They are tired like humans. D. They can do jobs involving intense heat. 11. A. At B. In C. On D. For 6. What can be inferred from the passage about robots? 12. A. accurate B. actual C. clear D. true A. Their appearance negatively affects the job market. XII. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning B. They can stop active volcanoes from erupting. to each of the following questions. C. They help humans travel to the outer space. 1. Why don't we get someone to fix our computer? D. They take away some jobs but offer some in return. A. Fixing our computer is someone else's duty. 7. Which of the following best paraphrases the sentence in bold in the first paragraph? B. Let's have someone to fix our computer. A. Because they were reliable and economical to General Motors, other companies C. Someone will have our computer fixed. started to use robots. D. Why don't we have our computer fixed? B. Other companies started to produce reliable and efficient robots for General Motors. 2. My car needed servicing, so I took it to a garage. C. Every other company made use of robots because they were time-consuming and A. I took my car to a garage to have it serviced. safe. B. I took my car, which needed to be servicing, to a garage. D. Robots worked well for General Motors, but caused certain trouble to others. C. I had a garage get serviced my car. 8. What is the author's attitude towards robots in this passage? D. My car was taken to a garage to have it serviced. A. He appreciates them. B. He dislikes them. 3. Someone stole my dad's iPad last night. C. He thinks they are a nuisance. D. He is crazy about them. A. My dad had his iPad stolen last night. XI. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the B. My dad got someone steal his iPad last night. correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks. C. My dad asked someone to steal his iPad last night. D. My dad was robbed of his iPad last night. Thẩm Tâm Vy, January 7th, 2019 EXTRA COURSE 12 BT ANH 12 THÍ ĐIỂM – UNIT 7 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  6. 4. Someone is checking my car tyres for me. XIII. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that best combines A. I'm getting my car tyres checked. each pair of sentences in the following questions. B. I'm having my car to be checked by someone. 1. We don't have to wash the dishes any more. We have just bought a new dishwasher. C. I have my car tyres checked regularly. A. It is not necessary for us to wash the dishes, even when we have bought a new D. My car tyres are being checked by myself. dishwasher. 5. Why don't you get someone to update the new computer program for me? B. No longer do we have to wash the dishes because we have just bought a new dish A. I suggest that you update the new computer program for me. washer. B. Shall I have the new computer program updated for you? C. The new dishwasher we have just bought needs doing the washing-up. C. Why don't you ask someone to update the new computer program for me? D. With the help of the new dishwasher, we won't have to do the washing-up very often. D. Why don't you have the new computer program updated by yourself? 2. My piano makes unsatisfactory sound. Someone is going to tune it tomorrow 6. We have decided to employ someone to put in a better lock. A. I'm going to have my piano tuned tomorrow due to the unsatisfactory sound it makes. A. A better lock has been decided to be put in. B. If my piano makes unsatisfactory sound, someone is going to tune it tomorrow. B. We have decided to have a better lock put in. C. My piano makes unsatisfactory sound, so I am going to tune it tomorrow. C. We have decided to put in a better lock. D. The piano which makes unsatisfactory sound is going to be tuned tomorrow. D. We have decided that we put in a better lock. 3. Many industries today use highly automated vehicles. They can drive with almost no 7. Jane recommended asking someone to mow the lawn. human. A. It is recommended by Jane that the lawn was mowed. A. Although many industries today use many automated vehicles, they can drive B. Jane recommended getting the lawn mowed. without human intervention. C. Jane recommended mowing the lawn. B. Many industries today use highly automated vehicles which can drive with almost no D. Someone was recommended to be mowed the lawn. human intervention. 8. The teacher had his students use their laptops to surf the Net for resources in his C. With almost no human intervention, many industries today can run highly automated class. vehicles. A. According to the teacher, the students had their resources surfed on their laptops. D. When vehicles are highly automated in many industries, humans do not have to B. Laptops must be used to surf for resources by the students in the class. intervene in their operation. C. The teacher asked his students to use their tops to surf the Net for resources in his 4. I did not dare to turn on the television. I was afraid of waking the baby up. class. A. I did not dare to turn on the television for fear of waking the baby up. D. With the laptops, the students could surf the Net for resources in class. B. I decided not to turn on the television in order to wake the baby up. 9. We cannot live in outer space without special equipment. C. I decided to turn the television volume down to avoid waking the baby up. A. It is impossible for us to live in outer space without special equipment. D. Waking up the baby, I could not continue watching the television. B. We are impossible to live outer space without special equipment 5. I have narrowed it down to two computer games. I can't make up my mind. C. Without special equipment, we are very likely to live in outer space. A. Although I have narrowed it down to two computer games, I still can't make up my D. But for special equipment, we couldn't have lived in outer space. mind. 10. Had he known more about computer programming, my brother would have worked B. Having narrowed it down to two computer games, I can make up my mind. for a computer company. C. I have narrowed it down to two computer games, which helps me make up my mind. A. A better knowledge of computer programming will help my brother find a job in a D. If I don't narrow it down to two computer games, I won't be able to make up my computer company. mind. B. My brother didn't know much about computer programming, so he didn't work for a computer company. The End C. My brother wishes he had known more about computer programming and could work for a computer company. D. Knowing more about computer programming, my brother would find a job in a computer company. Thẩm Tâm Vy, January 7th, 2019 EXTRA COURSE 12 BT ANH 12 THÍ ĐIỂM – UNIT 7 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE